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Specializing in positive, relationship-based training and behavior problem solving for dogs who need it most.

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Dogs & Children

Life between children and dogs can be harmonious and special when parents are well prepared. Lisa offers a variety of supportive, educational services from classroom training and public workshops to private, in-home consultations to assess and support a safe envioronment for children.

When caregivers miss or misinterpret canine communication signals, it can result in a dog biting a child. Over 75% of dog bites involve a family dog, and over half of all dog bites are to children. Education increases safety and empowers parents to make better choices about child/dog interactions.

Lisa is a Licensed Presenter of the internationally recognized Dogs & Storks® and Dog & Baby Connection™ programs, which are valuable to New Parents, Extended Family Members, Foster Parents, Childcare Providers, OB Professionals, Doulas and Midwives.

A New Baby
Whether you attend a local Dogs & Storks® presentation, or schedule a private, customized in-home New Baby Consultation, you will learn positive, practical, and fun solutions to challenges that often arise when a family with a dog adds a new baby to the household, including:

Families are encouraged to schedule their consultation early in the pregnancy
or adoption process so there’s plenty of time for changes or adjustments.

New Baby Consultation – $125 (90 minute minimum)
Includes a Dogs & Storks DVD, and helpful handouts for reference

Gift Certificates (a thoughtful baby shower gift!) and Group Discounts are available.

The Dog & Baby Connection™ program helps families with dogs and toddler-age children create safety and harmony at home. Learn positive, practical, and fun solutions to challenges that often arise in families with dogs during your child’s early development years. Whether you schedule a private, in-home Dogs and Toddlers Consultation to focus on your unique situation, host a group The Dog & Baby Connection™ presentation with other parents, or attend a public workshop, you will learn:

Dogs and Toddlers Consultation – $95 (90 minutes)
Includes a year of telephone support and helpful handouts

Gift Certificates and Group Discounts are Available

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