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Puppy Raising

Raising your puppy correctly is crucial if you want your dog to grow up to be an easygoing, well mannered companion. To raise a puppy properly takes a lot of work, and includes repeated trips outdoors regardless of time or weather, frequent travel to different locations to provide your puppy with positive, new experiences, and a commitment to begin important training on their first day home.

Lisa is passionate about puppy rearing, because she understands how critical training is during their first four months. Scientific research shows that early socialization and training has a direct impact on adult dog behavior. If your puppy fails to receive positive exposure to various people, places, things and animals during this critical period, they may become fearful or aggressive with strangers, children, or other dogs when they grow up.

Lisa offers three services to help make sure your puppy receives the foundation necessary to become the dog you want:

This educational consultation is scheduled at your home before or shortly after your new puppy arrives, to review the critical things you must do to help your puppy become the best dog it can be. This comprehensive meeting for the whole family covers everything you need to know to start off on the right foot, including supplies you'll need, what to expect, how puppies learn, positive socialization and training, and problem prevention.
Initial Private Consultation - $85 (90 minutes)

The more a puppy practices a behavior, the more likely they are to repeat it. If your puppy is exhibiting behaviors that you want to change, or if you are struggling with house training, barking, timidity, nipping, jumping, etc., the sooner you address the problem the easier it is to change. Lisa will meet with you at your home to discuss the challenges you are having, and provide you with a plan to address the issues.
Initial Private Consultation - $85 (90 minutes)

Lisa is pleased to offer families the option of having their puppy started in a safe, securely fenced, home environment by an experienced dog trainer. Daily, your puppy will be introduced to new people, animals and places, and will imprinted with "everyday life" sights and sounds such as thunder, traffic, children, and crowds. Throughout the process, she will prevent and address behavior problems such as nipping, jumping, barking, chewing and separation distress. At the completion of Puppy Prep School, your puppy will be crate trained, house trained, socialized with children, strangers and other animals, and will know how to behave appropriately in new situations. On "Graduation Day" your puppy will proudly demonstrate their good manners, including sitting and waiting at the door, lying down, walking nicely on a leash, relaxing on a bed until released, and a puppy recall.
Puppy Prep School is open to puppies between the ages of two and four months of age.
Puppy Prep School/Boarding Student - $295/week
(Airport pick-up is available)

Puppy Prep School/Day Student - $35/day
(Pick up and drop off may be available for an extra charge)

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