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Specializing in positive, relationship-based training and behavior problem solving for dogs who need it most.

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Selecting a Puppy or Adult Dog

Choosing a new family member is a major decision, with many important variables to consider. Selecting the right dog provides years of a special relationship with a good friend. Selecting a dog who isn’t a great match can bring heartache and frustration.

Once you find the dog of your dreams, whether they are 8 weeks or 8-years-old, their education with you begins. The first few days with your new canine family member are very important in setting the stage and preventing unwanted behaviors. Learn what you can do to make the transition smooth and positive for everyone.

I will meet with you and your family to guide you through a fun, and engaging process, to create a checklist to use when evaluating whether a particular dog is right for your lifestyle and preferences. Knowing what you want, and how to select for those qualities, will increase your chances of finding a dog who is a great match.

At the end of the consultation, you’ll know:

Comprehensive, In-Home Consultation – $85* (90 minutes)
*Includes helpful handouts and telephone support while you’re searching for your new dog.

Evaluation of a particlular dog, or help selecting a puppy from a litter – please inquire

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